About me

I am an advocate. Having completed the advocate training at the District Bar Council in Warsaw, I have extended my knowledge gathering experience in renowned law firms in Poland and the United Kingdom. Fluent knowledge of English and Spanish enabled me to provide services to clients in an international environment. Today, I take care of my clients' interests working in my own law firm. Based on my own experience, knowledge and skills, I have built my own law firm which provides effective support in legal matters to individuals as well as Polish and foreign business entities. Long-term experience enables me to provide my clients with flexible and complex services. As a professional taking care of the ethics and quality of the services provided, I try to present several possible legal solutions in all commissioned cases, thus fulfilling my clients' expectations in an optimal manner. 

What am I distinguished by?

The mission of my law firm is to provide effective legal advisory services as well as representation before courts and other state authorities.

I have a complex and reliable approach to individual needs of my clients. I offer effective solutions and business strategies, comfortable and professional cooperation. My professional qualifications enable me to deal with various areas of the law and represent clients in civil, penal and economic cases. Using my knowledge of law and experience, I am able to find the most optimal and beneficial manner of conducting each commissioned case.  In law, even the tiniest detail is of great significance. It is details that decide about victory in the case conducted. I conduct each of my cases personally and, thus, I study each aspect with utmost attention. It is only my conscientiousness and diligence at work that enables me to achieve the best results and, thus, satisfaction of clients. I provide advice to Polish and international clients, both individuals and business entities. I have had the pleasure to work with companies representing the production, commercial and service sector as well as the real property, financial and insurance services. I offer specialist advisory services within the scope of all main areas of law and, moreover, provide professional representation in proceedings before common courts of law and arbitration courts.

Kancelaria Prawna Katarzyna Stankiewicz

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ul. Gimnazjalna 18 lok. 3
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Opening hours

Daily 9 a. m. - 5 p. m.