"Iustitia est constans et perpetua voluntas ius suum cuique tribuendi"

"Justice is the constant and perpetual desire to give to each one that to which he is entitled"


Katarzyna Stankiewicz – advocate

I studied law for many years. I complemented my knowledge working in renowned law firms in Poland and Great Britain. Fluent command of English and Spanish helped me in reaching success. I have never lacked courage and will to help others. I have always wanted to become a lawyer with rich portfolio, success and reputation. At the same time I have never forgotten that my success is the success of my Clients. Nowadays, I provide effective legal assistance to Polish and international individual Clients and economic entities as an advocate. In my office located in Warsaw I offer expert advice in all major areas of law and a professional representation during the trials in common courts and courts of arbitration. 

The firm provides legal assistance in the following areas:

Family law

Family law

I successfully handled many family cases taking into account that they are especially troublesome and emotionally devastating for my Clients. As an experienced and dedicated lawyer I help them get through difficult moments, such as divorces, understanding that the burden of responsibility rests in the lawyer and not in the Client. 

Civil law

Civil law

One of the main areas of interest of our law firm are the cases regarding civil law. A team of highly-qualified lawyers with great experience provide legal assistance representing the Clients in court proceedings, preparing expert legal opinions regarding property law, inheritance law and law of obligations. 

Penal law

Penal law

As an advocate I specialize in a broadly understood area of penal law. In our office in Warsaw we carry out the criminal cases regarding the interest defence of the defendant and the victim.  As a part of the comprehensive service we represent the Client before any judicial authorities. We also provide assistance in preparing all kids of pleadings. 

Labour law

Labour law

Our law firm also specializes in the area of individual and collective labour law. I represent the employers in negotiations with trade unions, serve as a legal representative for the purpose of litigation before labour courts of all instances and prepare legal opinions. 

Administrative law

Administrative law

Our legal firm provides legal assistance in the cases regarding broadly understood administrative law, including obtaining administrative permits, advice and representation before administrative institutions, self-government appeal courts and administrative courts. 

Economic law

Economic law

Professional knowledge helps me in conducting cases within this area of law. I provide comprehensive legal assistance in constant or temporary co-operation.  I believe that a good lawyer satisfies the requirements of the Clients but only the best lawyer can predict their needs and help to choose effective and optimum solutions. 

The firm co-operates with solicitors, barristers and patent attorneys in Poland and abroad with recognized professional qualifications specializing in the particular areas of law as well as with notarial offices, bailiff offices, tax advisors, certified translators and detective agency. 

Choose quality and effectiveness

I meet individual needs of my Clients in a comprehensive and honest way. I offer effective solutions, business strategies, comfortable co-operation and professionalism. My qualifications allow me for dealing with different areas of law, representing my Clients in civil, criminal or economic cases. Using my legal knowledge and experience, I can find the best solution to any case I conduct. 


The extensive knowledge I have acquired and many years of practice in renowned law firms prepared me to provide professional legal services. 


I work so as to achieve my goal. The most important are the tangible results of my work. Thorough knowledge of law helps me to find the best solutions to the problems of my Clients. 


Rich professional experienced gained in an international environment prepared me to provide the services of the highest quality. 


Every case I conduct is analyzed in detail because even the smallest detail can decide about the successful end. Therefore, I examine the information obtained from the Client with particular precision. 

Mission of the Firm

The mission of my law firm is to provide effective legal advisory services as well as representation before courts and other state authorities.

Thorough education, valuable international experience, many years of work in different surroundings allow me to accomplish this mission nowadays. I successfully run my firm helping my Clients in different legal cases. I realize my mission with success and satisfaction in the areas of civil law, labour law and criminal cases.

About myself

I am an advocate.  Fluent knowledge of English and Spanish enabled me to provide services to clients in an international environment. Today, I take care of my clients' interests working in my own law firm Based on my own experience, knowledge and skills, I have built my own law firm which provides effective support in legal matters to individuals as well as Polish and foreign business entities.

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